What is true, real security?

I was sitting here and thinking about what a great resource DecentSecurity.com is (by [at]SwiftOnSecurity on Twitter) and while I was reading through the site, I was thinking:

Is all this FOSS stuff on this Motorola phone “true, real” security?

Short answer is – “no!”

I get that there are a lot of (DAMN good) alternatives out there to the megacorp apps that make me feel good when I download them, and use them instead of their capitalist counterparts, but that doesn't gurantee they are secure. It doesn't mean this phone is secure. It doesn't even mean this OS is secure. In fact, NONE of it is secure and this is probably a security expert's worst nightmare in terms of what passes as legitimate security.


I can still stand by my principles

I can still give the middle-aged to megacorp

I can still use indie software

I can still use legitimate safe and secure alternatives (such as Firefox Focus over Chrome, etc.)

And I can still keep a Private, Safe, and Secure (PSS) presence on the Internet (which is what all of this is about after all)

And I can do all of these things without making every. single. app. I download from the f-droid store and use YouTube wrappers and blah, blah. This stuff is flat-out NOT SAFE! I need to get with the program and just keep things safe, but sane, too.

I will keep everyone up-to-date as time moves on.