Wanting French Prison Tattoos

Not because I want to go to a French Prison, but bcause the style is very eclectic. The most eclectic I have seen so far in the tattoo world. The subject of the tattoo can be almost anything and it is more or less the style of the tattoo that matters. That is why I always shyed asay from traditional American tattoos, there are so few images and regardless of how many ways there are of making each image (which is endless), there are very few “base” images to choose from.

I have an idea (albeit not a totally original one) for a French style tattoo for my right forearm, but who k ows if I am ever going to get it? Who knows if I am ever going to get another tattoo again? I know that I WANT to get MANY more, but I haven't gone and done that, yet.

Seeing as I will have four hundo in early-Feb, perhaps I can make a trip to Steel & Ink Studio in S County and get some ink done? Get the idea I was thinking about. Or a head tattoo. Or something. I need more. I WANT more!