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What is true, real security?

I was sitting here and thinking about what a great resource DecentSecurity.com is (by [at]SwiftOnSecurity on Twitter) and while I was reading through the site, I was thinking:

Is all this FOSS stuff on this Motorola phone “true, real” security?

Short answer is – “no!”

I get that there are a lot of (DAMN good) alternatives out there to the megacorp apps that make me feel good when I download them, and use them instead of their capitalist counterparts, but that doesn't gurantee they are secure. It doesn't mean this phone is secure. It doesn't even mean this OS is secure. In fact, NONE of it is secure and this is probably a security expert's worst nightmare in terms of what passes as legitimate security.


I can still stand by my principles

I can still give the middle-aged to megacorp

I can still use indie software

I can still use legitimate safe and secure alternatives (such as Firefox Focus over Chrome, etc.)

And I can still keep a Private, Safe, and Secure (PSS) presence on the Internet (which is what all of this is about after all)

And I can do all of these things without making every. single. app. I download from the f-droid store and use YouTube wrappers and blah, blah. This stuff is flat-out NOT SAFE! I need to get with the program and just keep things safe, but sane, too.

I will keep everyone up-to-date as time moves on.


Getting even MORE organized/on-task

And no, this isn't a fucking ad for Orgzly (because ads are lame). I was on Masto a bit ago and I “@'d” F-Droid & FDroid_lurker to see what their recommendations were for organizational lists/To-Do lists/planners, etc. and FDL suggested I try out Orgzly because it is what he uses. So, I d/l'd it, added some appts to it, got the feel for the layout, and now I think I am going to use it instead of ToDoist on this phone! In fact, I already uninstalled ToDoist and am exclusively using Orgzly! :P

Aside from that, there is no other app news for the night. I have been fucking around with almost every single app on this phone for the past two hours and I think I finally have everything where I want (for now).

Deleting Gmail (but not Google)

Google acct settings > add recovery e-mail (for me ProtonMail) > search “delete Google service(s)” > choose Gmail > get Gmail acct deletion confirmation at recovery e-mail address (again for me, PM) > DONE!

That was a pain in the ass and something that I wanted to do for a very long time and I am glad that i did. #FuckGmail

So (obviously) Gmail is off my phone now which means one less app and also basically the only Google service I “used” (forced to have is more accurate). I don't even need a Google acct to use NewPipe, the YouTube service (wrapper) from f-droid. I guess I am using Chrome which is hella lame, and I am still reliant on Google Play Services to update the handful of apps I did get from the Play Store (though I may abandon those apps, too, and aim for everything to be done in a secure browser).

Working things out :P

That's all for now

On Moving

I talked about this on Twitter a bit, but it is time to talk about it here, as well. I am going to g to be moving when my lease is up (in Oct 2019). There are a number reasons for this, and they are all good reasons.

I am thinking I can aim for Minneapolis, MN. for where I can migrate to when my lease is finished here. More than likely I will rent a room. I looked on CL and there are many affordable places in and around Minneapolis that I could afford.

I also was sitting here thinking about it, and I basically only need a 15 L backpack and that is it as far as the possessions for any given move. And that backpack would be for a few changes of clothing and that is it. Otherwise, everything else fits just fine in my pockets. :):):) This works!

So, I am looking forward to this. More on the moving process later.

That's all for now.

At the 'rents

Dad is doing ok

Doing some grocery shopping on the way home

Black Metal kii kii (Bella) is doing good, too

I think I am going to do some walking when I get back to S County, perhaps to SLCL and return the books I took out and check out some new ones. I do need to get some more reading done.

That's about all for now

Enjoying a bowl of Lane Very Cherry Tobaccy, Looking At Minimization

I went ahead and put my excessive amounts of cards I to my wallet and only kept out ny important cards and put the important cards on a simple paperclip and that is going to be my wallet from now on. Nice.

May cut back on the excessive amounts of plain white t shirts I have, too. Why? Why not?

I will probably go through the junk drawer later and see what can go. The silver can be sold, I know that. I don't even know if I am going to buy silver anymore. I always say I am saving it for a rainy day and then a rainy day comes and I have no way of getting to the coin shop to sell it, so the silver just collects dust in my drawer. :/ But I am selling off the backpacking trekking poles + tarp so the silver can go, too. Not that they are related, but because I have sort if been holding on to those things. Sounds good.

Anyway, that's about all for now.


I feel a lot of things are changing these days. More so than any period in the past several years. I feel that I am Making some positive changes in my life but throughout it all, I remain calm and relaxed.

What kind of changes?

Well for one, I am using the Internet in a much more casual way than I have been in years. I have the Masto acct and the Birdsite acct (the latter gets ignored mostly) and I check them every so often, but nothing really groundbreaking ever happens on either of those services, so, I just keep my usage of them down to a minimum. And on this subject of Internet use, my Privacy Safety, and Security has become the #1 player in how I approach my time on the WWW. I have been conscious with how I use Mastodon with having a 100% locked-down acct from the get go and only friending, following, whatever people who are like-minded and friendly.

But also, the other change that had been taking place in my life is the fact that I have minimized a lot of my possessions down to a pittance of what they were a year ago. I am even ridding myself of the old stickered dresser that I have zero use for that had been lugged from apartment to apartment for the past decade. Time to let it go.

I am very happy with both of these things. The only question is: how much further can I take it? Well, at least when it comes to the minimalism part that applies. As far as online privacy is concerned, there are other things i could he doing to enhance my online privacy more, I suppose, but not there yet. In terms of minimalism, I promised myself last night that I would get rid of a good amount soon (soon being today, actually) and I am going to do so right now.

Good times.

Thinking Very Meta Tonight

Or in other words, I am thinking out loud about the Internet while I am on the Internet. What I am thinking about is, how I, personally use the Internet. I basically hop on Masto or Twitter every half hour or so, sometimes say something, sometimes not, then go about my day IRL. I do use the Internet for watching NewPipe videos (YouTube wrapper), but everything else has a utilitarian function.

  • order tobaccy supplies from the Internet

  • pay bills on the Internet

  • check e-mail on the Internet

  • track packages

  • check the weather

  • ask an occasional question I may need help with

That's about all. I have the phone for my camera, FOSS photo storage, file system, system settings, messages, and phone and ToDo List, and I am set! Good stuff.

That's all for now.

Nice day

Got the sliding glass door open

Enjoying some Lane Very Cherry Tobaccy, as I am not giving the stuff up because my throat feels better now

The fresh, cool air mixed with the finishing/after taste of cherry tobacco is second to none. Absolutely delicious.

Tomorrow I am going to the 'rents and I am going to see about doing a little grocery shopping near their local grocer on the way back to my house. I don't know why I am telling you this, as it is not important at all. Haha

Anyway, spending the day out there tomorrow. Chilling here w/ the cherry tobaccy today. And a beautiful day it is! #STLWX

No More Tobacco Pipe

It is too harsh on my throat + roof of my mouth. Not a good ahbit anyway. I will go back to the e-cig asap and use the nicotine lozenges until I go back.

It's been a weird couple of days. Been lacking sleep immensely because of the lack of smooth breathing at night with the tobacco effects i just described a second ago, and just....feel odd, sleep deprived.

Anyway, soon I'll have my tax $$$ and I can make some “plans” for it, but tbh, I don't give a fuck what i do with the money. I mean I am glad that I will have it namely because I want to pay the 'rents back the $250-$300 I owe them, but, I am not too worried about what will be left over after that.

So that's about all for now. What to do with a 16 ounce bag of Lane Very Cherry Pipe Tobacco? I don't know. Lol!