On Moving

I talked about this on Twitter a bit, but it is time to talk about it here, as well. I am going to g to be moving when my lease is up (in Oct 2019). There are a number reasons for this, and they are all good reasons.

I am thinking I can aim for Minneapolis, MN. for where I can migrate to when my lease is finished here. More than likely I will rent a room. I looked on CL and there are many affordable places in and around Minneapolis that I could afford.

I also was sitting here thinking about it, and I basically only need a 15 L backpack and that is it as far as the possessions for any given move. And that backpack would be for a few changes of clothing and that is it. Otherwise, everything else fits just fine in my pockets. :):):) This works!

So, I am looking forward to this. More on the moving process later.

That's all for now.