Getting even MORE organized/on-task

And no, this isn't a fucking ad for Orgzly (because ads are lame). I was on Masto a bit ago and I ā€œ@'dā€ F-Droid & FDroid_lurker to see what their recommendations were for organizational lists/To-Do lists/planners, etc. and FDL suggested I try out Orgzly because it is what he uses. So, I d/l'd it, added some appts to it, got the feel for the layout, and now I think I am going to use it instead of ToDoist on this phone! In fact, I already uninstalled ToDoist and am exclusively using Orgzly! :P

Aside from that, there is no other app news for the night. I have been fucking around with almost every single app on this phone for the past two hours and I think I finally have everything where I want (for now).