Deleting Gmail (but not Google)

Google acct settings > add recovery e-mail (for me ProtonMail) > search “delete Google service(s)” > choose Gmail > get Gmail acct deletion confirmation at recovery e-mail address (again for me, PM) > DONE!

That was a pain in the ass and something that I wanted to do for a very long time and I am glad that i did. #FuckGmail

So (obviously) Gmail is off my phone now which means one less app and also basically the only Google service I “used” (forced to have is more accurate). I don't even need a Google acct to use NewPipe, the YouTube service (wrapper) from f-droid. I guess I am using Chrome which is hella lame, and I am still reliant on Google Play Services to update the handful of apps I did get from the Play Store (though I may abandon those apps, too, and aim for everything to be done in a secure browser).

Working things out :P

That's all for now