I feel a lot of things are changing these days. More so than any period in the past several years. I feel that I am Making some positive changes in my life but throughout it all, I remain calm and relaxed.

What kind of changes?

Well for one, I am using the Internet in a much more casual way than I have been in years. I have the Masto acct and the Birdsite acct (the latter gets ignored mostly) and I check them every so often, but nothing really groundbreaking ever happens on either of those services, so, I just keep my usage of them down to a minimum. And on this subject of Internet use, my Privacy Safety, and Security has become the #1 player in how I approach my time on the WWW. I have been conscious with how I use Mastodon with having a 100% locked-down acct from the get go and only friending, following, whatever people who are like-minded and friendly.

But also, the other change that had been taking place in my life is the fact that I have minimized a lot of my possessions down to a pittance of what they were a year ago. I am even ridding myself of the old stickered dresser that I have zero use for that had been lugged from apartment to apartment for the past decade. Time to let it go.

I am very happy with both of these things. The only question is: how much further can I take it? Well, at least when it comes to the minimalism part that applies. As far as online privacy is concerned, there are other things i could he doing to enhance my online privacy more, I suppose, but not there yet. In terms of minimalism, I promised myself last night that I would get rid of a good amount soon (soon being today, actually) and I am going to do so right now.

Good times.