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Minimalism (again)

I have really been going at my apartment with an axe instead of a scalpel so to say in regards to be decluttering my stuff. Got rid of some clothes + random electronic equipment from my closet the other day and I am going to keep going at it, because it is fun.

That's all :P

Hey there, folks!

I sold the trekking poles today on CL ($15) and I went and got some foodskee and a Monster. As for tomorrow, I am filing my taxes and doing laundry @ the 'rents. Will pick up more foodskee tomorrow, me thinks.

The back is doing a lot better but I am still on the road to recovery.

I am re-list the backpacking tarp on CL with a better listing title so people can find it easier. Hope someone bites.

Wednesday I don't think there are any plans but Thur I see my doctor and get to fill her in on all the fun bullshit that went on the other day at St Anthony's.

That's all for now

What a fucking night

Last night i went to the hospital via ambulance because my back was killing me and after a brief stay in the back of the ER and one X-ray later, they determined that I had pulled a muscle (my spine was/is fine) and they gave me a prescription to non-narcotic pain meds + muscle relaxers. IDGAF about the former, but the latter is a very welcome thing!

The problem lies in the fact that it was 2 AM and I did not have a ride home. And it was freezing out. And that was a v bad thing. So after calling my sister and the mom, they were not able to provide a ride until 9 AM. #FUUUUCK

So I sat in the ER waiting room for SEVEN hours last night, doing nothing but looking at my phone and watching HORRIBLE infomercials (w/ the dude who played Winston Eggmore in Ghost Busters), and almost died from boredom. I decided to five hitchhiking a try, but after a long walk, most if it through snow/slush and realizing that no one was on the roads because the roads were horrible – I decided to go back to the ER waiting room and wait it out.

Last. Night. Sucked.

But now I am home (and grateful to be here) and have my meds, my coffee, my tobacco pipe, and my fucking heater cranked, and I feel much better.

Obvious lesson learned from all of this? – Never be cause homeless or desperate in bad weather. I would have loved to have found a little knook to have fallen asleep in last night, but it was far too cold to do so. This is why beach survival/homelessness is a necessity for me.

But I'm not homeless right now so I guess I am ok

That's all

Moving Along

I'm broke a lot. Not to complain on here, not gonna rant about being broke cause that's downer shit, but broke (financially) is often the case.

So what do I do? The better question is – what should I do? Do I actually need that much money? I have everything I need in life. I am not excessive. I am not materialistic. I am none of those things. So, maybe it is just activity that I am craving on a day to day basis? In fact, I am pretty sure that is it. Activity.

That's all I have to say for now.

Deleted Mastodon

I found no real value in just some other social network. That is all it is – a social network. It is great, but I am already hooked on Twitter so why be hooked on two separate services?

Anyway, anything that has to do with socializing on the Internet, and I am basically not interested. I have a Twitter to spout off my bullshit, maybe link to this blog every so often, and tweet someone on the rare occasion, but that place is an echo chamber and I know it and that is fine.

So, anyway, I have been thinking more and more on how to cultivate some real life, not on the Web, legit relationships with people in my area. No one too interesting has come along and it isn't like I am in my apartment all day or any shit like that. So....idk.

Of course none of this changes if I were to move to Minneapolis, MN. like I plan(ned) to. I would just be separated from the few relation ships i do have HERE. So I may just stick around.

That's all for now.

My Back Hurts

Very badly. It got all fucked up when I walked in the shitty snow/slush that is outside but I took Motrin and it is getting better :)

I also got on the waiting list for the Revolut banking card, downloaded the app and all that, probably not gonna hear back from them for another two years, but if they don't like having customers, that's their problem.

Also, I am trying to make plans to go to the 'rents after I file my taxes on Tuesday (near their house) and I am pretty sure a quick visit will be no problem (+ I will get my laundry dry done out there while I am at it). I have no idea how late by it is going to take to get the tax refund itself, but I hope it is soon. Which reminds me that I definitely have to get specific paperwork which I don't have at the moment and I just realized that now, so I am going to make a reminder for it. Damn. Glad I remembered. Haha

That's all for now.

Cleaning up the phone

Deleted a lot of apps. I basically have a couple rows in the app drawer and that is it. The NECESSARY apps only! (And fucking Twitter bc that is necessary for me)

I also didn't mention it here but I jumped on the Google Authenticator bandwagon earlier today after hearing hella bad shit about 2FA through SMS. And while I was fooling with all of that, I downloaded Signal and made it my default SMS/MMS services and imprtant my contacts also (bc I tediously entered thek into the phone one-by-one yesterday). I hope this fixes the MMS message problems I have been having recently.

Outside is a fucking winter wonderland and it is fucking gorgeous! SnowpocalypseSTL really did a number on the streets and they have been plowing the fuck out of the streets the entire night. Not a single car on the road though. Very quiet out there.

That's about all for now.

Joachim Klöckner

The author of “The Little Minimalist” is a person I just discovered on the Internet. I don't know ow hardly anything about him because the majority of the literature on the WWW about him is in another language. So, I just know he lives with a very small amount if things.

Just wanted to say that. Think he's cool.

35 is Lonely

I mean I am sure a lot of people who are single can tell you that your 30's can be pretty lonely because those who have their own little families are caught up in their own world and don't have time to go out and socialize and the like. Then when their kids or whatever go off to college, they all of a sudden have time for you again. There is nothing wrong with this because it is the way it has always been, but, that doesn't change the fact that I am v single and v bored. :/:/:/

So here I sit and thinking about what I could do with the four hundo $$$ I am getting in couple weeks and I am out of ideas. I don't want to get a tattoo (too stressful), I don't want tech stuff (already have what I need), I am going to pay for some Web services that I mentioned if prev blog posts, and i am going to order a couple e-books that are being sold directly fro. The Websites of the authors, not Kindle. Fuck Kindle. Duck Amazon. Fuck megacorps.

Maybe I could write an e-book, but what about? No clue. Whatsoever. I could compile all of the diaries entries I have (many of them) and read through them and see what type of wisdom poured through my fingertips via keyboard and made it to pixel form. I mean I would like to have a sense of purpose but really I just want some fucking company. Haha. Sucks.

Anyway, I will figure out something to do and maybe some people to socialize with. I hope so.

That's all for now.

Wanting French Prison Tattoos

Not because I want to go to a French Prison, but bcause the style is very eclectic. The most eclectic I have seen so far in the tattoo world. The subject of the tattoo can be almost anything and it is more or less the style of the tattoo that matters. That is why I always shyed asay from traditional American tattoos, there are so few images and regardless of how many ways there are of making each image (which is endless), there are very few “base” images to choose from.

I have an idea (albeit not a totally original one) for a French style tattoo for my right forearm, but who k ows if I am ever going to get it? Who knows if I am ever going to get another tattoo again? I know that I WANT to get MANY more, but I haven't gone and done that, yet.

Seeing as I will have four hundo in early-Feb, perhaps I can make a trip to Steel & Ink Studio in S County and get some ink done? Get the idea I was thinking about. Or a head tattoo. Or something. I need more. I WANT more!